You, Dear Sheriff are the Coward of Broward

Not one – But FOUR –

Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies stood outside the school while Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people.


Sheriff Israel, how dare you tell us you know how to keep America safe.

You Stood there lecturing Dana Loesch at the CNN Town Hall with the NRA. 

You are a disgrace.  You stood there KNOWING your men and your department FAILED the Community, the School and the 17 Students who lost their lives to Cruz.

A Tragedy that YOU could have prevented in January, much less during the incident.

The NRA is not culpable here, while the Liberal MSM and even yourself are blaming an innocuous fraternity, YOU are completely culpable, along with the FBI.

When do we start the conversation about the COMPLETE FAILURE that is our FBI and Local Broward County Sheriff’s Office? 

Fortunately, Cape Coral Police showed up when they did, rushing Towards the gunfire in an attempt to take out the shooter, which they did.

I’m no legal expert, I’m only a Patriot, but I think it’s abundantly clear, as the evidence unfolds, that the BCSO, especially Sheriff Israel, along with the FBI should find themselves being sued by the families and survivors of this incident.

It’s not a conspiracy theory, folks, this is real and the evidence is there…. It wasn’t the NRA who has blood on their hands…. It’s the BCSO and the FBI.

And of course, Nikolas Cruz.   He still made the choice to shoot up the School and take lives.  He cannot be excused for his behavior, neither can the authorities who received multiple reports, calls, and concerns warning of Cruz, his weapons, his mental health and his intentions.




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